Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On our way to church Sunday morning we were driving down the road and there was a bald eagle sitting on one of the fence posts. I grabbed my handy camera and he took off before I could get a good shot - but I did get one of him flying away. He was beautiful and so serene just sitting there. He was on the wood post to the right side o f the picture.
K went fishing and he caught a little tiny fish. So we took a picture and he got sent back to the pond to get a LOT bigger!

Oh - and Can you believe I do not have any pictures of my kids dressed up for Halloween - I feel so dumb - but we went to a carnival and K guessed how many skittles were in a jar - and he won 7 POUNDS of Skittles... we are still on a sugar high!

Have a good one!

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